Our team is committed to providing our clients with quality, personalized accounting, tax preparation, and financial services. We use the latest technologies, including top rated tax software and up-to-the-minute tax research platforms, to offer the best solutions to your tax and accounting issues. We also offer electronic processing and electronic delivery, so you get your tax returns and refunds quickly and easily.

We believe that our knowledge and 40+ years of combined experience will achieve remarkable results for all of our clients.


Integrity – meet our professional responsibilities in an ethical and objective manner.

Quality – deliver high quality professional services that meet client needs and exceed their expectations.

Professionalism – strive to grow and learn, both technically and physically, so that we are recognized as educators and thought leaders in our industry and fields of expertise.

Priorities – place the well-being of our families, spirituality and country front and foremost in every aspect of our lives.

Confidentiality – ensure that the sensitive data we are entrusted with is protected without regard to cost and convenience.

Culture – provide an environment that stresses the importance of professional development and client support, while focusing on a healthy work-life balance.

Dignity – treat every individual and relationship with respect, regardless of monetary value and  investment of time, or the age, race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation of those involved.

Community – support the communities in which we live, play, and work with our human and financial resources.


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Jason L. Crace, CPA

Savilla K. Smith, CPA

Dawn M. Toth

Philip Helland

Tyler Roberts

Angie Crace