tax return resources

All of our resource documents are in PDF format.  To properly fill them out, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Once the document opens in a separate window, save the document to your computer
  3. Locate and open the document
  4. Fill in the document, including the electronic signature (if required)
  5. Save the document
  6. Upload to your shared folder or send it to us as an attachment to an email

A completed engagement letter is required for all tax returns and must be provided before we will begin the preparation process. Just select the tax return type below and fill out the required fields.

2018 Year-End Client Letter – Please Read – Contains Important Tax Info

Web Page        PDF Format

new client welcome package

checklists | organizers

Personal Tax Return Checklist (Form 1040)

Business Tax Return Checklist (Schedule C, Form 1120, 1120S or 1065)

engagement letters

Individual Tax Return (Form 1040) Engagement Letter

S Corporation Tax Return (Form 1120S) Engagement Letter

C Corporation Tax Return (Form 1120) Engagement Letter

Partnership Tax Return (Form 1065) Engagement Letter

Trust | Estate Tax Return (Form 1041) Engagement Letter

Non-Profit Organization Tax Return (Form 990) Engagement Letter

credit/debit card or ACH authorization form